And so it begins…

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Decluttering has commenced.

I started reading Spark Joy and it has inspired me to work towards the house and lifestyle that I want to have. The way she writes makes it sound so simple and cleansing – I genuinely couldn’t wait to start. It’s frustrating that I am so busy and unable to do it very quickly but I’m hoping that I can really make some headway with it during the Christmas break.

I started by bringing all my clothes and underwear into one place and going through them – removing anything that didn’t spark joy when I looked at it and touched it. To begin with it felt strange but after a while you definitely start to realise what gives you joy and what doesn’t. I have so many items of clothing and I am so sick of everything not being able to be packed away in a neat, organised way that is easy to see and make outfits from. I have been getting rid of clothes ALL YEAR! Still I have not achieved my goal!

I managed to chuck away a big bag of old clothes that wouldn’t be suitable to give to charity and a huge bin bag full of stuff to give to charity. But I still feel like I can get rid of more – I need to get everything together again and start comparing things to each other, to see what really makes me happy (whether it is for functional reasons or because I just love it) and stream line my collection even more.

It isn’t going to be a quick process but I can honestly say that, for the first time, I want to streamline my material possessions and keep it that way. Creating a less cluttered, more relaxing environment.

i have to say, though, this would never have been able to happen without the introduction of the prescription drug, Modafinil (Provigil is the brand name). Since having MS my fatigue has been such a huge battle. I have only had enough energy to do essential stuff (often not even that) and now this drug has boosted my energy enough to be able to consider getting other stuff done.

Before anyone thinks ‘there are other, natural, to things you can do to help your energy levels without prescription drugs’, I already do those things. I don’t eat refined sugar, I don’t eat gluten or much in the way of processed food. I eat regular healthy meals. I do yoga (when my body allows) and cycle (ditto) – and they have made a huge difference – but I was still unable to function to the level I needed. All I can say is that I understand people don’t want to have to take lots of drugs but some people really do need to. If you can find natural solutions that work for all 7 of my medications then I am all ears!! 😀👍🏻

Oh if you are interested – the film ‘Limitless’ is thought to be based on Modafinil. 

So, the decluttering will continue (energy and time permitting) and I’m hoping it will continue to give me the buzz! 


A day of baking – Deliciously Ella style…

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So, as I said in the first post on this blog – I want to document

some of the incredible food discoveries I make while continuing to strive towards a very clean and healthy diet.

Since then my partner, G, has got massively on board! He isn’t as strict with the level of health in his diet that I am, but then he doesn’t need to be as he has good energy levels regardless of what he eats. But lately he has really got into making beautiful food and snacks from my different cookbooks – and obviously I’m not complaining!

I may have also got him to become a contributor to this blog so that he can share his amazing creations with the world. Watch this space!

The other day we had a rare 100% free day together and decided that we would spend it baking. Gluten free, refined sugar free baking – ofcourse.

Delicously Ella is my favourite food blogger and has such an amazing array of delcious (funnily enella book 1ough) recipes that are vegan, gluten free, sugar free and full of flavour. After I eat her food I feel healthier, full and satisfied. You may think that is impossible but it just isn’t. If you want to do 1 thing today to change how you eat and feel healthier, buy her first book and get in the kitchen – I promise you will not be disappointed.

My housemate, Izzy, introduced me to her 1st bookac  ouple of years ago and I have gradually assimilated her recipes into my every day repertoire.

You can order it from Amazon here.

Your body can thank me later.

Ella is a big advocate for convenient, speedy breakfasts that are high in energy and goodness. This article kind of explains this a bit more.

Recipe 1 – Banana Breakfast Bars, from her 2nd book ‘Deliciously Ella – Every Day’

These are so easy to make and are petty much foolproof. Just whack all the ingredients together, cook, cool and eat! They taste like little chewy, sweet porridge squares – almost like a flapjack but with a smoother consistency as you are using rolled oats rather than jumbo. The only thing that can make it a little tricky is that you have to wait for the bananas to ripen before you can use them. Luckily, I had a load of almost black bananas so this was not an issue.

I just used a standard brownie tin. They came out the perfect thickness. The mixture did initially look like it may not fillt he pan, but it just needs spreading about and it gets there in the end.

They were a big hit in the house, Izzy and G were very insistent that these become a regular feature on the baking schedule!


Recipe 2 – Courgette Banana Bread, from the same book as above.

I think people so often find the most difficult thing about going gluten free/clean eating is the lack of decent bread that is actually good for you and not full of weird chemicals and preservatives and a hell of a lot of sugar. Look out for this stuff in the GF breads in the supermarkets – often the entire GF range is full of sugar and incredibly bad for you. GF does not always equal good for you, I’m afraid.

I have tried a few diffferent homemade bread recipes of thisna ture with varying degrees of success, this was probably the best. The only issue I had with it was that, because of how much ovens differ from each other, I needed to leave it in for an extra 5 to 10 mins as the very middle was still a bit soft. However, when toasted it was crazy delicious! I have had it with nut butter, honey, butter and every time it is so tasty and really filling. After two slices I can’t eat any more. And they aren’t exactly big slices – I used a small loaf tin and it was the perfect size.

I tend to get my ingredients from Ganesha in Axminster, it’s literally a godsend for a small town like ours. It has all the different flours etc. that are needed to make this kind of food. Most of the ingredients from Ella’s books are easily obtainable from local supermarkets and shops but if you are stuck then it can all be found online. I love websites like Wholefoods and Planet Organic. But, if you know what you need, Amazon and Ebay can also be really helpful – especially for a bulk amount of something.

We have tried lots of other recipes over the last few months and I will be trying to get as many on here as I can – if there is anything you would like me to find and try then please leave a comment, I’m happy to help if I can!

Also please do let me know if you have tried any great recipes or ingredients or books or youtube videos or whatever! I’m always looking for new food inspiration.

Please do follow, like, share if you would like to see more of this kind of stuff.

Hope you are enjoying life, whatever you are doing.

Until next time! 🙂