Spark Joy?

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So I have decided to embark on a mission to get more organised, declutter and try to achieve some different goals for myself.

I have reached a point where my illness seems to be more manageable and I want to take this opportunity to grab life and do the things I want to do. I have several things I would like to achieve in my personal and professional life and I’m going to create a bullet journal as a creative and visual way to help me.

Has anyone else read ‘Spark Joy’? The book about tidying and decluttering that has prompted so many people to refine their material possessions. I’m hoping it will help me as I’m terrible for holding on to all sorts of nonsense. Have you had any experiences with it? Any advice?

Im going to try and record how it goes – that will be part of my goals… 😊

One thought on “Spark Joy?

  1. I started decluttering in March last year — it’s still a work in progress, but has helped me a lot. I find it helps to keep a memory box. Actually, I have a big one in the loft and a little one I keep in my bedroom. The big one has stuff I enjoy looking at on occasion, like my Guide badges and signed school shirt, whereas the little one has stuff I look at more frequently, like holiday mementoes and my old dog’s collar. Keeping memory boxes helps me to be more selective in which knickknacks to keep; I realised that keeping bits and bobs which aren’t meaningful to me is pointless.

    For me, the process of decluttering has been about peeling back layers. I started with the obvious stuff, like getting rid of the box files of old magazines I rarely looked at, keeping some useful articles, and anything else I neither liked nor used. I then moved on to the things which would make a big difference to my wellbeing, like getting rid of the desk which took up loads of space and which I no longer used. I thought about what I would still buy today, especially clothes, and got rid of everything which no longer suited my style. I’m now in the middle of the most difficult stage, whittling down my book collection!

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